Grace Network is a group of people choosing to work together in a new way to serve our community, free from the mindset of old types of business that harm people and the planet. We love sharing the benefits we find, and this amplifies the hope we bring to our neighbours, exhausted by the world.

The new Way.

The businesses within Grace Network are all C.I.C’s (Community Interest Companies).

CIC is a legal structure for social enterprises that locks assets in the community.

Old types of business work to deliver value to the shareholders, this has got society a long way but has done so whilst harming a lot of people and the planet along the way.

We are excited that this fortunately isn’t the end of the story and certainly NOT the way it has to be in the future.

We are the new kids on the block, in the form of business has the heart of a charity and the body of a business. The better the business thrives the more the community benefits.

That's just the legal structure. The real power and change comes from the culture emerging within Grace Network.

We sharpen our focus by meeting the needs of those in our community who have been left behind by the old way of running our economy- the lost, the unemployed, the lonely, the oppressed and the battered , the teams then emerge from these communities increase our insight, create a positive influence and determine our effectiveness.

We nurture a culture that is easy and welcoming for people that have something to offer the world and are up for exploring what that might be. This culture is maintained by a lively coaching culture, where everyone is invited to grow, with the uncommon yet implicit expectation that we are all capable of self management.

This coaching at Grace Network means everyone is invited to learn more about themselves and discover their real gifts and think what each of us might yet become.

There are no managers at Grace Network just leaders, and our teams thrive when everyone leads. This sounds like chaos if you’ve never had the privilege of experiencing it for yourself but in reality it is creating a space where all the different pieces and people of our community can find a voice and a role.

This keeps us super agile and dynamic, helping us to efficiently meet much more of the needs of our community.

We often see how life and work leaves people feeling hurt or numb, but here our invitation is to wholeness, because the whole person is the best person to contribute to a dynamic and lively team, capable of accomplishments far greater than the sum of their parts.

Not only that but by focusing on team led planning, encouraging wholeness and coaching we save ourselves a massive amount of effort by not needing to focusing on top heavy, centralised planning. We use that surplus energy saved from strategising, to work together and sensing what the businesses want or need to do next and together making that happen.

Our people.


Our enterprises.

Our insights.

We are always on the very edge of our own understanding. We don't pretend to know exactly how things work and where the promised land is but we trust that if we stick to our values and work to the best of our abilities we will cross into our vision of world where people can find wholeness and hope.

We therefore like to blog a lot and keep our newest insights available to the world so others can try them, question them and help us develop them.

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